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Sarah returns to the present and uses the zombie hand they recovered to get acquitted of her murder charges. She then receives a package containing a time watch and leaves the courtroom to reunite with Mark in the past.

Long Ending:
Beginning immediately after the first film ends, Mark (Zach Galligan) and Sarah (Monika Schnarre) flee the burning wax museum not knowing that the reanimated hand of a zombie survived the fire and is following them. The hand follows Sarah to her apartment where it murders her stepfather and attacks Sarah. She manages to destroy the hand by stuffing it in a garbage disposal. The police arrest Sarah for murdering her step-dad. She forces her defense attorney to say that the severed wax hand of a zombie was the culprit, but the jury clearly doesn’t believe her. That night, Mark and Sarah decide to go to Sir Wilfred’s (Patrick Macnee) to see if they can find something there that will support Sarah’s defense that a zombified hand was a murderer.

Upon arrival, they activate a video tape Wilfred left for them in the event of his death (which occurred in the first film). He explains that he bequeathed all his belongings to them. They find his storage room of occult objects, including a watch that opens a time door. Mark insists that they enter the door to find something in the past that proves Sarah’s story is true. The pair enter and travel through time.

The pair first end up in the castle of Dr. Frankenstein and his monster creation. Mark tries to steal Frankenstein’s book demonstrating how to raise the dead, but he fails to do so before they need to flee the mob burning down Frankenstein’s castle. The pair are separated and travel through time again. Mark ends up investigating a haunted house with some other paranormal investigators (small role for Bruce Campbell – and this segment is a parody of The Haunting) while Sarah ends up on a space station fighting extraterrestrials (in a parody of Alien/Aliens and, strangely, Die Hard). Mark is eventually able to use the time watch to get back to Sarah and fight off the aliens. They flee through time again, although Mark loses the time watch in the escape.

The duo then end up in medieval times. Sarah is abducted by a lord named Scarabis (Alexander Godunov) who practices black magic. Scarabis intends to marry Sarah to King Arthur and then kill and the King and steal his throne. Mark is given a magical sword from his grandfather (small role for David Carradine) and a new time watch from the spirit of Wilfred. They explain that Mark is a Time Warrior, destined to balance good and evil throughout time. They also note that the time watch will only open one door back to his present time. Mark breaks into the castle and sees that Scarabis has been subjecting his people to evil spells and turning them into monsters. In so doing, Scarabis has perfected a spell allowing him to turn into another person and plans to use the spell to turn himself into King Arthur.

Mark foils Scarabis’ plot and the two begin a duel. The time watch goes crazy and teleports the pair through time as they fight. They end up fighting in the laboratory of Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde, the zombie-infested mall from Dawn of the Dead (where Mark severs a zombie’s hand and sticks it in his belt), the streets where Jack the Ripper kills, a bedroom where Nosferatu is about to drink the blood of some sleeping women, Japan where Godzilla is rampaging, and even in a future filled with robots. They eventually return to Scarabis’ castle where Scarabis is killed when Mark tricks him into falling into the clutches of a woman he turned into a were-panther as part of his experiments.

Mark opens the door back to their present and they intend to use the zombie hand Mark obtained to prove Sarah’s innocence. They are attacked by one of Scarabis’ men before they can enter the time door and only Sarah is able to make it through before it closes (the pair confess their love for each other as Sarah goes through). Back in the present day, Sarah is able to use the zombie hand in her defense, and the jury finds her not guilty. A mailman then shows up (ala Back to the Future 2) to deliver a very old package to Sarah. She opens it and finds a time watch with a note from Mark saing “join me.” A happy Sarah jumps in a cab to return home and use the time watch to reunite with Mark.

Order of Deaths:

  • Sarah’s stepfather – The zombie hand attacks him and bashes his face in with a hammer.
  • The zombified hand – Sarah sticks the hand in a garbage disposal where it is sliced up into a bunch of bloody pieces.
  • Dr. Frankenstein – Frankenstein’s monster squeezes his head so hard that his teeth pop out, then his eyeballs, and eventually his head is caved in.
  • Paranormal investigator – She is possessed by a ghost, which forces her to hang herself.
  • Astronaut 1 – The alien uses its spiked tail to impale him. The alien then bashes the astronaut’s head into his own body.
  • Astronaut 2 – The alien rips out the astronaut’s oxygen tube while a room is being decompressed, causing his head to explode with a gory pop.
  • Astronaut 3 – He is impregnated by an alien. Once it hatches, the baby alien forces its way out of his mouth, killing the astronaut in the process.
  • Scarabis’ guard – Mark knocks Scarabis’ guard into a moat and a hideous creature grabs and drowns him.
  • Scarabis’ goon – He begins strangling Sarah to death and starts kissing her in his murderlust. This allows her to grab his dagger and kill him with it.
  • Scarabis – Mark tricks him into getting close to a cage where he keeps all the people he’s been experimenting on and torturing. Scarabis is grabbed by a woman he turned into a were-panther, and the beast tears him apart.
  • Scarabis’ 2nd goon – The goon is deformed and knocked out when Mark hits him with Scarabis’ book of Black Magic. The goon later recovers and almost kills Mark, but Sarah bashes his head in with a spiked mace.
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