Submitted by Tim (Spectre)

Otis Blake and Ruan Sternwood were unknowingly the patsies for a false flag operation. Setting up a gun buy with Dean Warns (Johnny Harris), they would be caught in the act with a larger cache of weapons by police officers. The public outcry would allow a hard line candidate to win office, pushing for more weapons and armor for police, and allow a Private military contractor, Kincade, to rake in millions. However, Otis recognized one of the cops as his arresting officer, leading his death and Ruan being fatally shot by Warns. The ensuing cover up leads to more deaths, including DS Sarah Hawks (Andrea Riseborough) who is killed by Warns when she gets too close to the truth.

DI Max Lewinsky (James McAvoy) and Jacob Sternwood (Mark Strong) reluctantly join forces, and learn Max’s boss, Thomas Geiger (David Morrisey) is also involved in the conspiracy. Mercenaries sent by Kincade try to silence them, but Max and Sternwood kill them all, including Warns. Max and Sternwood corner Geiger and Sternwood kills him for the death of his son. Max considers killing Sternwood but remembering how he was spared previously by Sternwood, and that Sternwood is already paying a high price (the death of his son), allows him to escape, leaving Max to clean up the mess.