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Carol (voice of James Gandolfini) goes berserk when he finds out that Max (Max Records) does not have magical powers. Carol rips Douglas’ (voice of Chris Cooper) right arm off in the ensuing scuffle while Max runs off into the forest to hide. In the forest, he comes across K.W. (voice of Lauren Ambrose), who hides Max in her stomach. Carol confronts K.W. but doesn’t find Max. Max decides to leave the island because he sees that Carol’s behavior is only making everything more difficult for everyone.

Max goes to the model cave to reconcile with Carol, but only finds the model destroyed. Max puts a small heart with a “C” in the middle of it in the model cave made out of some sticks, which Carol finds just in time to join the other wild things in bidding farewell to Max.

Max returns home to his mother (Catherine Keener).