Submitted by Julio M

Warren Vandergeld (John Heard) is the mastermind behind the kidnapping plot against the Wilson sisters.  During the fashion show, the real Wilson sisters (Maitland Ward, Anne Dudek) appear on the stage at the same time as Kevin and Marcus (Shawn and Marlon Wayans) in disguise.  Then, lights go out and a Chinese dragon comes up to take the girls, but instead they take one of the real sisters and one of the guys.

Of course, mayhem breaks loose; Warren tries to take the sisters himself, but is shot down by the guys, who, of course, blow their cover in front of everyone in order to save the day.  The culprits are arrested, Marcus and Kevin recover their jobs, Kevin gets to ask Denise Porter (Rochelle Aytes) out for a date, Marcus makes up with his wife, and in the end, the trio of friends (Jessica Caufiel, Busy Phillips, Jennifer Carpenter) tells the guys that they really liked them two when dressed up as the sisters.

And then, the innuendo of a sequel… (who knows?!  maybe)