Submitted by Salvatore

A teacher takes five high school students on a camping trip through the forest. Mr. B, their teacher, is actually Brian from the first movie, but is now 15 years older.

As they continue hiking up the mountain, they finally reach the peak. Two of the students begin dancing on the top to celebrate, and one almost falls off. Brian saves the student, but this causes him to fall off the mountain, where he tumbles down to the ground. The students begin to travel back down the mountain to try and find him.

They find Brian’s back pack, but the transmitter is broken, meaning they will have to find Brian, and escape on their own.

Shortly after, they find Brian. He’s in a really bad condition, both his legs are broken, his body is mangled, and he’s also running a dangerously high fever. They set his legs and splint them with logs, before crafting a gurney and beginning to carry him out of the forest. Their plan is to meet with the other group of students that are on a different trail at a designated meeting spot.

They arrive at the meeting spot, but they are too late. The other group waited for them, but they never arrived on time so they left. While figuring out what to do, a bear appears and mauls Cara, seriously wounding her.

Pandra and Benny begin to travel without the rest of the group, hoping to catch up to the other team of hikers who have a working emergency transmitter.

After risking their lives several times, Pandra and Benny are picked up by a rescue helicopter, which was called in by the other group of hikers after their group was days late. The pilot then flies and picks everyone else up. Everyone survives.