Submitted by Tornado Dragon

Who’s Your Monkey
aka: Throwing Stars

After getting the supplies needed for sinking Reed’s (Kevin Durand) body into the St. Johns River from a 24-hour hardware store, Mark (Scott Grimes), Bobby (Jason London), Laith (Scott Michael Campbell), and Hutto (David DeLuise) head down to a dock by the old shipyards to complete the job, since the water around there is deep enough to conceal the body. They stick the corpse in a bag, fill it with gravel to weigh it down, then lock it and tie a tarp around it before putting it on an inflatable raft so it can be moved across the water. Mark decides to swim out and dump the body since he was the one who killed Reed, but he tells the guys that he needs an extra hand in order to finish the task. Laith decides to help him out, undoubtedly out of guilt because it was inadvertently his fault that Mark wound up in the situation he got into with Reed that resulted in him having to kill him.

As Mark and Laith start swimming out with the body, Bobby decides to keep the monkey he and Laith earlier found in Reed’s car prior to getting rid of it, and he also makes a promise to Hutto that he won’t sleep on his deceased wife’s grave anymore. Meanwhile, Mark tells Laith that, after thinking about the story he told him and the others about how he and his girlfriend Rebecca (Susan May Pratt) haven’t had sex for two weeks because he found out – without her knowing – that she used a vibrator, he has figured out that it bothers Laith because he feels he isn’t satisfying her in bed. He informs Laith that his performance is not the issue; she is just a horny woman, and he even encourages Laith to use the vibrator on her himself. They finally get out far enough and dump Reed’s corpse, which sinks straight to the bottom, but as they start swimming back to shore with the raft, they hear a strange noise, and Laith figures out that it is an alligator. He and Mark get onto the raft to avoid it and end up floating downriver, and as dawn breaks, Mark calls Hutto and Bobby – who had fallen asleep on the dock – and lets them know that he and Laith are at a strip mall somewhere, so they go and pick them up.

They drive over to Hutto’s house to relax from the ordeal, but when Hutto goes to check on his pregnant wife Lynn (Siena Goines), he finds her unconscious on the bedroom floor with blood around her. He yells for Bobby to fetch Mark for him, and after Mark sees Lynn, he tells Bobby to call 911 and then checks on her. He informs Hutto that she is going into hypovolemic shock from the blood loss, and then after he has Laith bring him his medical bag from his car, he explains to Hutto that Lynn has abrupted her placenta and he needs to perform a C-section immediately to remove the baby or else she will die. After sterilizing his equipment with Bobby’s alcohol, Mark performs the crude operation, gets the baby girl out, and brings her to life. He then packs Lynn’s uterus with a towel that Bobby and Lynn’s sister Jillian (Niki Spiridakos) bring for him in order to minimize the bleeding and puts it back in her abdomen, saying that the doctors at the hospital can clean and close her up.

After the paramedics arrive, Hutto, Lynn, the baby, and Jillian are put into an ambulance, and Mark tells Hutto that he is going to drive Bobby and Laith back to their homes and then come see him and his family at the hospital. Laith is dropped off at his apartment first, and after seeing that Rebecca is still sleeping, he takes out the battery he earlier removed from her vibrator and gives some serious thought to following Mark’s advice. Meanwhile, Mark and Bobby chat, and Mark declares that he is going to figure out a way to become an obstetrician/gynecologist again and plans to accept an offer being made on his house. He then suggests to Bobby that they rent a place together so they can help each other with overcoming their respective problems, and Bobby is open to the idea.