Submitted by Don P

Professor Isak Borg (Victor Sjostrom) drives to a university to receive an honorary degree, accompanied by his daughter-in-law, Marianne. On the way to the university, she accuses him of always being detached and unemotional. They stop at the house where he lived as a child, and he remembers his fiancee Sara (Bibi Andersson) that he never married. During a dream sequence, we see the Professor watch the Sara of his youth gathering wild strawberries. The Professor’s brother goes to her and gives her a passionate kiss which she enjoys while the wild strawberries stain her apron red.

During the rest of the day the Professor remembers his past, ponders his present and wonders about his death. Different encounters with people offer him both hope and despair. As the day ends, he realizes that he needs to change his ways. He asks his housekeeper that he has known for years if they may call each other by their first names. She says with great humor that even at her age she needs to consider her reputation.