Submitted by Jeremy

Willy Wonka (Timothée Chalamet) is an aspiring chocolatier who arrives in a new town to sell his creations. The three local chocolate shop owners – Slugworth, Fickelgruber, and Prodnose, AKA the Chocolate Cartel – all discover that Willy’s chocolates are actually delicious, seeing him as a threat to their business. They use the Chief of Police (Keegan-Michael Key) to keep Willy from selling his candy, while Willy and several other people are tricked into the employment of launderette owners Scrubbit and Bleacher. Willy joins forces with orphan Noodle and their friends to continue making and selling chocolate.

When Willy sets up his own shop in the town square, Slugworth convinces Scrubbit and Bleacher to poison Willy’s chocolate, which causes the people that eat it to grow hair and have it turn weird colors. The people trash and destroy Willy’s shop. Slugworth then offers to pay off Willy’s and everyone else’s debts if he leaves town and never makes chocolate again. Willy agrees but soon realizes Noodle is connected to Slugworth and is in danger. He teams up with an Oompa Loompa named Lofty to go back after finding out that the Chocolate Cartel rigged his boat to explode.

Willy and his friends try to break into the Chocolate Cartel’s vault under a church to find a ledger that will expose their crimes, as they keep a huge supply of chocolate to themselves. They are caught and it is revealed that Noodle is Slugworth’s niece, and he kept her hidden from her mother after his brother died so that he could inherit the family’s fortune. The villains try to drown Willy and Noodle in chocolate, but Lofty finds and frees them. Willy and Noodle bring the ledger to the police, leading to the Chief getting arrested while Slugworth, Fickelgruber and Prodnose float away since they unknowingly ate Willy’s candies that make people fly. Willy also causes their chocolate supply to come out of a fountain, effectively ruining them.

Willy returns to business while helping Noodle find and meet her mother. With Lofty’s help, he establishes his world famous chocolate factory. Abacus, Lottie, Piper, and Larry return to their old jobs and loved ones, while Scrubbit and Bleacher are also arrested.

01 hours 56 minutes