Submitted by Melissa

Iris (Brittany Snow) is left to care for for sick teen brother after their parents are killed in an accident. She needs money to both care for him and she needs help finding a bone marrow donor.

Her brother’s doctor introduces her to a very rich man who invites her to participate in a dinner followed by “a game” with other people in need of help, the winner will be taken care of for life, medically and financially. The rich man also promises that he has found a donor for her brother, but she must attend the dinner and win the game. Iris leaves her sick brother at home and attends the party.

Almost immediatly, it becomes obvious that the guest must hurt each other to win and they are unable to leave. One by one they kill each other off until only Iris and one other man is left.Iris, who has very reluctantly played the game all night, is given a choice to either shoot the other man and win or to allow them both to leave with nothing. Just as the man starts to plea to Iris to leave with him, she shoots him dead. She returns home to find that her brother has killed himself and she murdered and hurt people for nothing.