Submitted by Salvatore

Fabious (James Franco) is kidnapped shortly into the adventure, leaving Thadeous, Courtney and Isabela (Natalie Portman) to continue.

Thadeous (Danny McBride) finally grows some courage, and, though given the option by the guardian of the Unicorn Sword to return home, continues on his adventure.

After a brief battle at the evil wizard’s castle, all of the evil family are killed in the fight, while all of the heroes survive. Thadeous invites Isabel to come live with them in their kingdom, but she turns down his offer in order to begin another adventure immediately.

Thadeous, Fabious and Courtney return home. They all celebrate as Fabious and Belladonna (Zooey Deschanel) are able to get married without interruption.

As the movie comes to a close, Isabel returns to the kingdom and finds Thadeous. Her adventure was a short one, and she’s willing to start a relationship with Thadeous. However, she reveals that an evil witch from the north has placed a cursed chastity belt on her. Thadeous and Isabel decide to begin their own adventure together to kill her and get the belt removed.