Submitted by Melissa S

The story mainly follows 3 characters.

Frida, the heroine, quits college and returns home to Port Gamble where her father owns a restaurant.

Tom and Lance are a gay couple who are visiting Tom’s mother to finally tell her Tom is Gay.

The tiny town of Port Gamble has a sudden zombie outbreak. Frida is thought to be a terrorist by her neighbors although she was born locally, because her father is from the Middle East. Her neighbors torture her.

Tom and Lance hide out in a church where the mayor and reverend are preaching against gays. The church members attempt to make them “not gay” by strapping them to an anti-gay device which shows a black and white ¬†film of a naked guy which seems to have been filmed in the 1950’s, and injecting them with a medication that will make them sick with they see “gay images”.

In the end Frida, Tom and Lance escape and survive the Zombie Attack. A few weeks later we see that Frida is running her dad’s restaurant (he was killed in the Zombie attacks), Tom and Lance are together and try to talk her into moving to the city. Frida stays at the restaurant and Tom and Lance go home.