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In the world of Barbie Land, there are tons of Barbies with different jobs and unique personalities, while the Kens are mostly dependent on their relationships with their Barbies. One Barbie (Margot Robbie) in particular starts to feel differently from the others, experiencing unusual thoughts of her existence. Weird Barbie (Kate McKinnon) convinces her to venture into the real world to find the girl that plays with her and resolve things. Her Ken (Ryan Gosling) joins her as they make their way to Venice Beach.

In the real world, Barbie meets Gloria and Sasha, a mother-daughter duo who originally played with her together until Sasha outgrew Barbies due to thinking they present unrealistic beauty standards. The CEO of Mattel catches wind of Barbie being in the real world and tries to put her back in a box to prevent uncertain consequences. Gloria and Sasha take Barbie back home, but Ken has already returned and made it into a “Kendom” after learning about the patriarchy and thinking that the other Kens would feel more valued. This makes the other Barbies into subservient girlfriends, and when Barbie cannot change Ken’s mind, she falls into a depression. Gloria and Sasha almost leave until they are convinced by Allan (the only doll without a multiple) to go back and stop the Kens. After an impassioned speech from Gloria, Barbie and her sisters come up with a plan.

The Barbies manipulate the Kens to turn on one another until the main Barbie and Ken resolve their issues, with Ken wanting to feel more valued and not just be seen as her boyfriend. Barbie is then met by the spirit of Ruth Handler, her creator, who encourages her to choose her own destiny.

Barbie chooses to live in the real world as a human, continuing to be close to Gloria and Sasha.

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