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Nearly a decade after their experience in The Further, Josh Lambert (Patrick Wilson) has separated from his family after a demon possessed him to chase after them with a hammer. He and Renai (Rose Byrne) are divorced, and Dalton (Ty Simpkins) resents him as he heads off to college. Soon, both Josh and Dalton end up back in The Further when their memories are triggered.

Josh learns that the experience goes back to his long-lost father Ben Burton, who was a mental patient that committed suicide because he believed it would stop his family from entering The Further. After a series of hauntings, Josh and Dalton have to re-enter The Further and confront their traumas before the demons can get them. While Josh attempts to stay behind, Dalton finds a way to save him and keep the Lipstick-Face Demon away. Josh also sees Ben’s spirit and appears to forgive him.

Josh and Renai appear to be in the process of reconciling, and he repairs his relationship with Dalton.

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