Submitted by Jeremy

In 1897, the crew of the Demeter is transporting cargo from Romania to England, unaware that they are onboard with none other than the legendary vampire Dracula. He has kept a woman named Anna with him as blood rations, but since Clemens(Corey Hawkins), a doctor, gave her transfusions, the creature goes after the crew.

Dracula first kills the livestock onboard and slaughters most of the crew, turning a man named Olgaren into a vampire before he burns in the sun. Captain Elliot’s grandson Toby also suffers the same fate despite Elliot thinking the boy can be saved. The remaining crew resolves to make their last stand against Dracula by letting him go down with the ship. Clemens and Anna remain alive long enough to subdue Dracula and get off the ship before it crashes against the shores. However, Anna knows she will become a vampire too and decides to let herself burn in the sunlight as well.

Clemens makes it to London and discovers that Dracula now walks among the people disguised as a man. Clemens vows to hunt him down and kill him for good.