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The film takes place in 1989, where gym manager Lou Langdon (Kristen Stewart) forms a relationship with bodybuilding drifter Jackie (Katy O’Brian). Jackie has started working for Lou’s father, Lou Sr (Ed Harris), who has a violent criminal history and has lost contact with his daughter.

Lou’s sister Beth endures abuse from her husband JJ, who had sex with Jackie just before she met Lou so that she could get a job working at the shooting range that Lou Sr runs. After Lou confronts JJ for the abuse, JJ puts Beth in a coma. Jackie, under the effects of steroids that Lou gave her, goes to JJ’s house and gruesomely beats him to death. Lou helps Jackie dispose of the body in a ravine where Lou Sr dumped the bodies of people he killed, but they are witnessed by Lou’s coworker Jackie, who wants Lou to herself.

Jackie leaves Lou to head to Vegas for a bodybuilding competition as was her original goal, but the effects of the steroids cause her to hallucinate, vomit, and then beat another contestant before she is arrested. Lou Sr bails her out and has her shoot Daisy (Anna Baryshnikov) since she was a witness, but Jackie also believes that Lou already left her for Daisy. Lou Sr then takes Jackie hostage and has a dirty cop named Mike to go kill Lou to tie up loose ends, but Lou kills him first and takes Daisy’s body out. Lou goes to her father’s manor to free Jackie, but he almost kills her until the steroids cause Jackie to grow to an enormous height to incapacitate Lou Sr. They nearly kill him but leave him to the police.

Lou and Jackie head off to start new lives, but Lou finds that Daisy is still alive. She finishes the job while Jackie is asleep and then leaves her body in a field.

01 hours 44 minutes