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An Assassin (voiced by Hans Brekke) descends below the war-torn surface of a planet and into the underworld. The Assassin follows a map that continues to take him deeper and deeper. As he descends, he witnesses ever worse horrors. In the first level, he watches demons eating other demons and various creatures being tortured without mercy. In the second level he travels through a giant factory where the simple-minded workers are continuously crushed and maimed while performing jobs work for their callous, demonic bosses. The Assassin makes it down to a final level and sets up a bomb, but is captured by a demon before he is able to detonate it.

The demon takes the Assassin to a mad doctor who skins the assassin and removes a larva from its stomach. As a nurse (Niketa Roman) takes the larva away, the doctor is able to access the Assassin’s memories and finds out that the Assassin was sent by the god-like Last Man (Alex Cox). The Last Man lives in a fortress in the sky and has sent many assassins down to the underworld with a bomb, but none of whom have succeeded in detonating it.

Meanwhile, the nurse delivers the larva recovered from the assassin to a creature in billowing black robes. The creature carries the larva to an alchemist (voiced by Tom Gibbons) who mashes the larva into a pulp. The alchemist then puts the larva pulp into a potion that leads to the creation of a life-giving obelisk. The alchemist and creature send the obelisk through a portal where it crashes into another planet and life forms thereon. However, mirroring the world where the story takes place, this planet soon devolves into madness and the humans living there eventually blow up the planet (with obelisks fleeing the destroyed world).

Years pass and eventually, the Assassin’s detonator goes off. Instead of an explosion, a cuckoo bird jumps out of a clock. Meanwhile, the Last Human surrounded by more Assassins looks down from his fortress at the world below. After the credits, an eye (of an unknown creature or person) opens.


01 hours 23 minutes