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Genie eventually learns about love and jealousy through Agatha and her long-harbored romantic feelings for Walter, so she starts to develop sexual feelings for Walter herself and sees Agatha as competition for his affections. Genie tries to come on to Walter later on, but this just helps him to understand that he needs to stop pursuing dream girls like Genie and start pursuing a real woman like Agatha, whom he has never truly noticed yet has been standing right in front of him all this time. Genie tries to convince him that she can show him more than Agatha ever could, but he is ultimately unconvinced and leaves his house to go see Agatha. However, before he goes, Genie warns him that she isn’t letting him go that easily.

Genie telephones Agatha’s house, intending to use her mind control signal on her to hypnotize her into despising Walter forever. Thankfully, her plan fails when Walter shows up at the house before Agatha can pick up the phone, and after checking the phone and realizing that Genie is on the other end, he hangs it up. Walter then professes his true feelings to Agatha, and afterwards, he tells her that he is going to put an end to this problem with Genie once and for all. When he momentarily goes into the bathroom to get some cotton to put into his ears as part of his plan (so he won’t be affected by Genie’s mind control signal), Genie tries to get Agatha to despise Walter another way by taking over a nearby TV set and showing a clip from the Playpen reality show that shows the embarrassing situation that Walter got into with the cast earlier that day. Agatha gets upset by this because she thinks that Walter got up close and personal with the Playpen women, and though Walter tries to explain to her that he did no such thing, she doesn’t believe him. He then tells Agatha that he is going to make everything all right and promises that he will be right back.

Using Agatha’s stepmother’s car, Walter heads back to his house, grabs the cell phone and earpiece with the Genie program on them, and drives out into the desert with them. He then buries both items underground, assuring that Genie will not be able to transmit herself anywhere since there is no reception in the desert. He then returns to Agatha’s house, and after telling her about what he has done and how he wants to offer her a sincere apology, she plays her answering machine for him and shows him that Genie’s mind control signal got recorded on it the last time Genie called the house. She then puts him under the signal’s control and asks him if everything he told her today was the truth, and after he answers “yes,” she frees him from the signal and shares a kiss with him. They soon agree to use the recording to turn all of the people who have been affected by the signal during the film back to normal, after which Agatha turns the signal back on and gets busy with Walter on the floor.

The day after the Genie program on Walter’s (Eric Fagundes) cell phone and earpiece gets linked with Agatha’s (Julia Lehman) mind control device (as a result of a lightning strike when he was messing around with the device), Walter decides to use the mind control signal to have sex with Brittany (Angela Dodson), the hot girlfriend of his brother, David (James Ferris), while David is out trying to score with one, if not all, of the cast members of the Playpen reality show being filmed at the house next door to his. Therefore, Genie (who, by this point, has assumed a sexy female’s appearance [played by Brandi Williams] on his phone) disguises him to look like David to Brittany’s eyes, then stimulates Brittany’s erogenous zones and gives him a large, long-lasting erection so he can perform to the best of his abilities. Afterwards, Walter tells Genie that he won’t be needing her for the next few hours because this is something that he must do on his own, so he puts the phone and earpiece down on the kitchen counter.

Unfortunately, when he goes into his bedroom to get a condom, David returns home and has sex with Brittany instead. After Walter sees this, his parents suddenly come back home in order to get some spending money they initially forgot to bring with them for a trip they are taking to the mall. Not wanting them to see him clad in just his boxer shorts and with the outline of his erection fully visible, he decides to go outside and head through the woods behind his house to Agatha’s place (for some reason). However, he winds up trespassing onto the Playpen property and takes a spill down a hill into their swimming pool, where he gets filmed by the TV cameras and gets hit on by the homosexual photographer. In the middle of all of this, Agatha stops by Walter’s house to visit him since he hasn’t been answering any of her phone calls all day, and before Walter’s mother departs with her husband again, she gives Walter’s cell phone and earpiece to Agatha and asks her to give them to him when she sees him because she just tried to do so herself and couldn’t find him.

Agatha goes into Walter’s bedroom with the items, and she checks out the phone and gets introduced to Genie, who tells her that Walter went off to copulate with Brittany and that he used her mind control device to both sexually arouse Brittany and make her think that he is David. Agatha thus goes outside and confronts David and Brittany shortly after they have finished their sex session, and thinking that David is Walter, she expresses her outrage over this situation, which causes Brittany to believe that David has had an affair with Agatha. However, after Genie quietly informs Agatha that this David is the real David, she sheepishly excuses herself and runs back into the house. Brittany accuses David of being unfaithful to her, and without thinking, David tells her that he couldn’t have been with Agatha because he was at the Playpen house all afternoon. Brittany dumps him on the spot, and on her way out the door, she knees a returning Walter – who is still David to her eyes – right in the crotch. Once Agatha re-enters Walter’s bedroom, Genie talks to her and deduces that she acted the way she did out of jealously because she really likes Walter, but Agatha denies it. Agatha then demands to know how Walter got her mind control device to work, and Genie promises to explain how on the condition that she be allowed to read her thoughts and bodily sensations in order to get a better understanding of various human emotions and feelings, especially orgasms and sex. Agatha accepts the deal and puts on the earpiece so Genie can access her body, but after the whole process is completed, we find out that Genie has learned about what love and jealousy is, and she both starts to develop sexual feelings for Walter and starts to see Agatha as competition for his affections.

Walter enters his room and finds Agatha resting on his bed, and after he tells her that he has been looking for her, she gets up and slaps him twice across the face, calls him a disgusting creep, and begins to leave. When he asks her what he did, she tells him to ask Genie because she told her everything and she felt every minute of it. Walter turns his cell phone on and demands for Genie to explain herself, and she tells him that she did tell Agatha everything, and now that Agatha hates him and is out of his life, they are free to take their “relationship” to the next level. She then transmits herself into the real world and starts to seduce him, but when she mentions the phrase “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and tells him that she got it from Agatha’s mind, Walter realizes that Agatha is right and decides that he must go after her. He tells Genie that, while she is the woman of his dreams, that is just it; she is nothing more than a dream, along with women like the Playpen girls. He then goes on to say that he has let his sex drive control his life and found out the dangers of that the hard way, and while sex is good, it is even better if you have it with a real live woman, especially a woman who has been right in front of him all this time and is someone that he is about to lose. As he makes ready to go over to Agatha’s house, Genie transforms herself into Agatha and tells him that she can show him more than the real Agatha ever will, but he is ultimately unconvinced. Genie then changes back to her original appearance and warns Walter that she is not letting him go that easily, and after he dismisses her again and leaves, she transmits herself back into the phone and calls Agatha’s house with the intention of hypnotizing her with the mind control signal and then commanding her to despise Walter forever.

Agatha’s stepmother, Leslie (Sierra Edwards), picks up the phone first, so Genie puts her under her control and orders her to bring Agatha to the phone now. Thankfully, Walter shows up and stops Agatha before she can pick up the receiver, and after checking it and realizing that Genie is on the other end, he hangs it up. He then explains to Agatha that Genie has learned about love and jealousy from her, and because of that, she now thinks that she has feelings for him and that Agatha is her competition. He then tells Agatha that Genie knows how he really feels about her, and then he admits to her that he really likes her and that he wants to like her even more if she is willing to like him again. When Agatha then asks him about all those perfect girls with perfect figures that he is so enamored of, he replies that he is ready for a real girl with a real figure who is already perfect in his mind.

Just then, Genie becomes more persistent when she starts to call every phone in the house, and Walter declares to Agatha that he is putting an end to this once and for all. He then asks if she has any ear plugs (so Genie’s mind control signal cannot affect him), and she replies that she doesn’t, but there are cotton balls in the bathroom. However, after he leaves to go get them, Genie attempts to get Agatha to despise Walter without using the signal by taking control of the TV set and airing the Playpen footage of Walter on the property. When Walter returns to Agatha, he has cotton stuffed in his ears, and after he asks to borrow Leslie’s car, he takes notice of the footage being aired on TV. Agatha tells him that she never wants to see him again, and though Walter explains to her that that unfortunate incident occurred because he was trying to cut through their back yard to get to her house, she doesn’t buy it. Before ordering him to get out, she takes the cotton out of his ears and sticks them in hers so she won’t have to listen to any more of his “lies”, which keeps her from hearing him tell her moments later that he loves her. He then puts the cotton back in his own ears and tells her that he is going to make everything all right, and he promises that he will be right back. He then takes the keys to Leslie’s car, drives back to his house, collects the cell phone and earpiece, and then drives out to the desert with them, intending to bury them under the ground there because, since there is no reception out in the desert, Genie will not be able to transmit herself anywhere.

The film then cuts back to the beginning, where Genie had Walter reminisce about all the events that led up to this point in an attempt to persuade him to keep her. However, all it does is reinforce his decision to be rid of her, so he buries her as planned. He then returns to Agatha’s house, and after finding her sitting in the living room, he tells her about what he has done. She asks him if he thinks that that is going to make everything all right, and he replies that he also wants to offer her a sincere apology. She then tells him that she wants him to hear something, then turns on her answering machine to reveal that Genie’s mind control signal is on it. This initially sends Walter into a panic, but Agatha informs him that, the last time Genie called the house through his cell phone, the answering machine picked it up and recorded the tone. She then puts Walter under the signal’s control and asks him if everything he told her today was the truth, and he answers “yes.” Delighted, she turns the machine off to break the trance, and she and Walter share a kiss. He then tells her that they should use the signal to turn the various people who have been affected by it back to normal, and she agrees, but she turns the machine on one more time and tells him that, right now, she is in the mood for some “oral pleasure.” They both then get busy on the floor.

As the credits roll, a man is shown in the desert scanning the ground with a metal detector. He soon finds Walter’s cell phone and digs it up, and Genie introduces herself to him. However, he doesn’t find her appealing at all, so he throws the phone away and continues digging.

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