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The world’s most famous lasagna-loving, Mondays-hating cat, Garfield, was left behind by his father Vic as a kitten before he ended up in the care of Jon Arbuckle. Along with Odie the dog, Garfield enjoys a comfortable life until he and Odie are taken by two dogs, Roland and Nolan. They work for Jinx, an evil Persian cat that wants revenge on Vic because she used to be part of his crew of cat criminals, but she got caught during a heist and was sent to the pound. Roland and Nolan broke her out, and now she wants Vic to steal over 6000 quarts of milk as payback.

Garfield and Odie are forced into the heist, and they get help from a bull named Otto that used to be the mascot for the farm they are stealing from since he was separated from his cow girlfriend Ethel by the new owners of the farm. After Garfield and Vic reluctantly work together, they sneak inside the farm but are caught by Marge Malone, an obsessive and dedicated animal control officer. Vic steals the milk truck while Garfield and Odie are captured. At the pound, Garfield meets Vic’s old crew, who also say they were abandoned by Vic, although Garfield learns it was because Vic was going to visit him at Jon’s house in secret. Vic had also revealed that he never abandoned Garfield, but he went to look for food for them until he saw Garfield with Jon and felt that his son would be better taken care of with Jon.

Jon picks up Garfield and Odie from the pound, but Garfield has a change of heart when he sees proof on the oak tree in his backyard that Vic had visited as many times as he said he did. Garfield and Odie go to Jinx’s lair to look for him, only to find that Jinx never cared about the milk and was always planning to kill Vic by throwing him off a train.

With help from Otto, Garfield and Odie work together to save Vic. Roland and Nolan become touched by Garfield and Vic reconciling, so they turn against Jinx. She pushes all four of them off the train when they go over a bridge, but she gets knocked over too. Otto catches them and Jinx falls into a net. Garfield organizes a trade with Marge so that she can give them Ethel in exchange for Jinx. Otto and Ethel are reunited.

Garfield invites Vic to stay with him, and Jon ends up officially adopting Vic.

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