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In 1994, former soldier Noah Diaz (Anthony Ramos) finds himself an unwilling ally to the Autobots, as they have tracked an energy pulse to an item known as the Transwarp Key, which can open portals across worlds. The dark Transformer god Unicron wants the key to be able to consume as many worlds as he wants, with the help of his minions, the Terrorcons, led by Scourge. With help from a museum employee named Elena (Dominique Fishback), Noah and the Autobots joins forces with another race of Transformers, the Maximals, to find the key and stop the villains. Optimus Prime has it in for Scourge after he kills Bumblebee in battle.

The heroes go to Peru to find the second half of the key after Scourge took the first half that Elena previously discovered. There, they meet the other Maximals, led by Optimus Primal. The second half of the key has been kept safe by a human tribe that the Maximals have bonded with. When Scourge and the Terrorcons attack again, one of the Maximals, Airazor, is corrupted by Scourge’s dark energy, and Primal has to put her down at her request. Scourge gets the second half and begins to summon Unicron.

The final battle takes place over volcano, where the Autobots and Maximals join forces to fight the Terrorcons. Bumblebee is revived and joins the fight, while Noah is given a suit with help from his Autobot buddy Mirage (who is killed in battle) to fight back. Optimus, Primal, and Bee kill Scourge’s allies Battletrap and Nightbird, but Scourge stops their chance at disabling the key. Optimus beheads Scourge and destroys the key himself, even though it means he and the Autobots cannot return to Cybertron. Unicron is then sent away, and Earth is saved.

Noah returns home and is recruited by none other than the G.I. Joes after his mission in Peru.

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