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Chad is revealed to be psychotic and tries to murder, Tucker, Dale and Allison. The trio incapacitate Chad and Dale and Allison begin dating.

Long Ending:
Tucker (Alan Tudyk) brings his best friend Dale (Tyler Labine) to a new “vacation home” he just bought in the Appalachian mountains in West Virginia. The pair have lived in the countryside their whole life and are often called hillbillies. A group of wealthy college students are camping nearby Tucker’s new home. The students mistrust Tucker and Dale due to the pair’s backwoods looks and Dale’s awkward attempts to flirt with Allison (Katrina Bowden) when they crossed paths earlier at a gas station. One student, a guy named Chad (Jesse Moss), seems to particularly dislike the pair (and expresses hatred of all hillbillies).

Tucker and Dale go fishing at night and come upon the students going skinnydipping. Allison, who arrived late to the party after rejecting Chad’s advances, is startled by the pair and falls off a rock ledge. She is knocked unconscious and almost drowns, but Dale saves her. The other students only see the two men dragging Allison into their boat and assume they abducted her. The students run away in fear, so Tucker and Dale take Allison back to their cabin, where they treat her wounds. The next morning, Allison awakens, and she and Dale strike up a quick friendship. Allison’s friends, however, see Tucker running through the woods with a chainsaw (he’s actually fleeing hornets that are chasing him after he accidentally destroyed their nest), misunderstand a note they left them (saying, “We have ur friend”), and assume Dale is making Allison dig her own grave (she’s actually helping him dig a hole for a new outhouse, noting that she grew up on a farm and had done it before). Chad convinces most of the students that Tucker and Dale are killers, and they decide to try and rescue Allison (however, one of them goes off to get help from the nearby town). Some of the students end up accidentally killing themselves in their efforts (i.e., one of the students jumps to try and tackle Tucker but misses and ends up falling head-first into a wood chipper!). Allison is knocked out in the fracas, and Tucker and Dale assume the students are part of a suicide cult since they came out of nowhere and started killing themselves.

The one student returns with a police officer, but both he and the police officer inadvertently suffer fatal wounds while investigating, with the students again believing Tucker and Dale to have committed murder. The situation escalates as the students catch and torture Tucker, cutting off two of his fingers. Allison finally wakes up and explains her friends have assumed that Tucker and Dale are evil due to how they look and where they’re from, causing Dale to storm off and rescue Tucker (narrowly avoiding being killed in a trap the students built). The pair return and find Allison trying to stop Chad from burning down the house.

Allison eventually gets Chad and Dale to sit down and talk with each other. Chad explains (in a classic slasher-style flashback) that his pregnant mom was the only survivor when some backwoods killers murdered her group of friends during a campout. For that reason, he hates all “hillbillies.” Dale apologizes for everything that’s happened (including what happened to Chad’s mother). While things seem to be calming down, the other students (who didn’t hear the conversation) suddenly break into the house to effectuate a “rescue.” The bumbling kids end up maiming each other in the rescue attempt and burn down the home, with only Tucker, Dale, Chad, and Allison surviving. Chad emerges from the flaming house with severe burns and attacks them, wounding Tucker and abducting Allison.

Dale follows Chad to a lumberyard and, after a fight with Chad, manages to rescue Allison just before she is sawed in half. The pair flee and barricade themselves into a room with old papers. There, they find a story about the attack on Chad’s mom and her friends and realize that Chad’s father is actually the killer that slaughtered his mom’s friends (and raped Chad’s mom). They tell Chad that he is half-hillbilly in an effort to calm his rage, but it only makes him angrier. He attacks the duo but eventually falls out a window to his apparent death.

A few days later, Tucker is recovering in a hospital (the doctors have reattached fingers to his hand, although they are clearly not his original fingers). The police determined that the students died in a murder-suicide plot. After visiting his healing friend, Dale goes to the bowling alley and has a date with Allison. The pair share a passionate kiss. Meanwhile, it’s revealed Chad is still alive when he kills a reporter and cameraman that were investigating what really happened at the lumber yard.

Order of Deaths:

  • Mitch – As he flees from a chainsaw-wielding Tucker (who himself is fleeing from a swarm of wasps), he runs into a tree branch that fatally impales him.
  • Mike – He jumps at Tucker to try and tackle him, but misses. He ends up accidentally jumping head-first into Tucker’s wood chipper instead. Mike is literally ground into a pulp before Tucker can stop the machine.
  • Todd – He attacks Dale with a hand-carved spear, but he trips into a hole and impales himself on his own spear.
  • Police officer – While talking to Tucker and Dale in their cabin, he leans on a loose beam. The beam collapses, causing a rafter full of nails to fall into the officer’s face, killing him.
  • Chuck – He tries to shoot Dale after the officer is killed but doesn’t know how the gun works. Dale tries to be helpful and explains that the safety is on. Chuck turns off the safety and accidentally shoots himself in the head.
  • Chad’s mom’s friends (flashback) – They are killed when they are attacked by a bunch of hillbillies who use machetes and circular saw blades to kill the campers.
  • Jason – Chad throws a gas lamp at Dale but misses, hitting Jason instead. Jason ignites and burns to death.
  • Naomi – When Jason attacks Tucker with a weed whacker, Tucker ducks out of the way, and Jason accidentally chops off Naomi’s face with the tool. She is then killed when Tucker and Dale’s house explodes after Chad and Jason set it on fire.
  • Chloe – After Jason and Chad set Tucker and Dale’s house on fire, she is trapped by the flames. She realizes that there is a bunch of gas cans in the house right before she’s blown up along with the house.
  • Reporter and Cameraman – As they investigate the scene of the kills, a still-alive Chad ambushes them and kills them with a pipe.
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