Submitted by Evil Ed

Count Dracula (George Hamilton) and Renfield (Arte Johnson) are kicked out of their castle by the Romanian government that wants to convert it into a gymnastic training facility for Nadia Comaneci, among others.

They wind up in New York City where, among other misadventures, Dracula bites a wino and wakes up with a hangover, and flies into a tenement window in bat form, is mistaken for a black chicken, and pursued by the hungry residents.

Dracula falls in love with model Cindy Sondheim (Susan St. James), which agitates her lovesick psychiatrist Jeffrey Rosenberg (Richard Benjamin). Jeffrey is actually the grandson of “Fritz van Helsing”, and Dracula believes that Cindy is a reincarnated Mina Harker.

Jeffrey tries to kill Count Dracula in many hilarious ways (including threatening Dracula with a Star of David). Lt. Furgeson (Dick Shawn) of the NYPD finally believes Rosenberg as the corpses continue to mount up.

When Dracula tries to escape, his coffin is accidently shipped to Jamaica. They miss their flight, and Cindy finally agrees to become Dracula’s bride on the runway. Rosenberg stabs Dracula with a stake in the back as he is biting Cindy, but only the cape remains.

A check floats down to Rosenberg that pays off Cindy’s huge psychoanalysis bill. Dracula and Cindy, both in bat form fly towards Jamaica.

01 hours 36 minutes