Submitted by Jeremy

Mad scientist Victoria Vance uses an electromagnetic machine to pull a powerful meteor toward Adventure City. The PAW Patrol have their headquarters destroyed by the meteor, so they take it onto their carrier, where it opens up to reveal seven crystals for each of the pups, giving them all superpowers. Chase has super speed, Skye can fly and has super strength, Rubble can become a wrecking ball, Rocky is a walking magnet, Marshall can control fire, and Zuma can control water. Liberty doesn’t know how to activate her own power just yet.

While the pups re-dub themselves “The Mighty Pups” and become superheroes, Vance teams up with Mayor Humdinger when they escape jail so she can trick the pups into giving up the crystals. She succeeds in getting Skye to fall into her trap so Vance can take her crystal and have the other pups save her. This leads to Skye discussing her backstory with Chase, where she was the runt of the litter and was nearly abandoned and frozen to death until Ryder found her.

When Skye tries to get back her crystal on her own, she takes the other pups’ crystals, but Vance takes them all from her and keeps her prisoner while she gives one to Humdinger, making him grow into a giant. He terrorizes Adventure City until the pups defeat him and take his crystal, leaving him to get arrested again. They go to rescue Skye and alternate using their one crystal before taking the rest from Vance and destroying her machine. However, she had already made other meteors come toward the city. The pups give their crystals to Skye so she can stop the shower. She succeeds in destroying all of them and returns to the team as a hero.

01 hours 32 minutes